Cortex works to transform operations for businesses in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry.

From documentation matching, through process automation and ultimately to automated claim adjudication and settlement, organisations can enhance their processes through Intelligent Automation.

In an evolving insurance market, organisations are facing increasing business and operational challenges at a rapid pace. The investment in technologies must quickly deliver business value and crucially must talk to older technology estates.

Organisations now realise that enhancing the customer journey, to remove friction and touchpoints is more than just another ‘digital transformation’ directive. The mandate is to be digital (tech-driven) by default, and human when needed.

Automated Invoice


Invoice processing can be a time-consuming manual task involving the manual monitoring of an email inbox to check if new emails are referencing new invoices to be processed. The users would then be required to download the invoice, validate the information within and key this into their ERP or Finance System.

With Cortex Intelligent Automation software implementing Automated Invoice Processing, the process is completed managed by Cortex. Exceptions are raised to the users if an invoice is in a new style with manual approval of the information and then the process continues within Cortex.

Find out how Cortex works with insurance companies, claims processing organisations, and out-sourced business service providers, to transform the way they manage, process, and handle their workloads.

A major US insurance corporation wanted to improve their end-to-end claims handling process. Cortex Intelligent Automation Software was deployed to automate the manual and disparate input of claims.

An Outsourced Service Provider delivers Integrated Business Administration Services to a US long-term life cover insurance company. Cortex Intelligent Automation was implemented to dramatically reduce the manual workload and automate the process to the point of approval.