Transforming Operations:

Augmenting existing systems, Cortex deploys rapidly and puts change in the hands of the business owners, so that incremental, transitional and transformational change is low cost, low risk and highly effective.

Gaining Efficiencies:

Organisations with existing operations and fragmented systems are transformed into highly efficient automated end to end processes. Cortex uniquely supports orchestration of systems and services, automation of tasks, user interactions and self-service.

Increasing Operational Effectiveness:

Capturing, refining, and automating business processes increases accuracy and reliability. Organisations benefit from increased scalability and flexibility of business operations.

Increasing competition is driving more creative methods to improve Banking, Finacial Services and Insurance operations.

Technology innovations and the rapid move to digital ways of working are creating new market opportunities. To remain competitive, organisations must rapidly deploy new operational processes efficiently to support the evolving business.

Organisations require improved agility, performance and reliability with their operations, and must address the ever-present reduced cost pressure.

Unlike traditional methods of automation, Cortex brings three decades of advanced process control knowledge and technology to business and Insurance processes. Providing a graphical, intuitive, non code, user interface the Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform enables business stakeholders to directly capture and manage new and existing operations with the process owners, not IT, at the heart of the automation.