Cortex Ltd seeks to be a good corporate citizen in everything that it does.

We have brought together our existing operating principles into one framework policy under

the heading of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), applicable to all of Cortex Ltd.


The principles encompassed in this policy cover all areas of the operations and have been developed and continue to be reviewed against the relevant codes of corporate governance and international standards.

The Cortex Ltd Board of Directors supports the principles set out in those codes and standards, provide practical guidance for our managers and employees.

Cortex’s policies are about doing ‘good’ business.


Paying our taxes. 

Cortex will always pay its fair share of taxes. We will not exercise or seek out creative mechanisms to reduce our tax liability or those of our employees and will ensure we pay our fair share of taxes.


Protecting the environment. 

Cortex recognises its obligations to the environment through our services and therefore we are continually striving to improve the impact we have on our surrounding environment.


Building tech talent. 

Cortex recognises that our most valuable asset is our people. They are our talent. On top of the work we do to ensure that Cortex is a great place to work and to thrive, we also realise that we need to help inspire and attract people to our industry, and if such interest matures, to help to develop that talent. Cortex offers Graduate and Apprentice Programs and for our employees we offer Continued Professional Development (CPD) in both our technical and our customer facing roles.

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