Cortex Intelligent Automation and Orchestration Software Platforms provide you with a flexible and scalable way to start, accelerate, and evolve your intelligent automation journey.

Cortex is the first integrated Intelligent Automation platform to provide complex event management, machine intelligence and orchestrated process automation in a single automation platform. No Rip-and-Replace! Cortex integrates seamlessly with legacy software and existing technologies, our expert team will guide you through the process.

Cortex is the First Unified Intelligent Automation Platform Delivering:

Automated Event Management

Cortex has independent, highly scalable, passive and active event monitoring with integral device interrogation, situation analysis, response, remediation, and escalation.

Proven Deployments on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Depending on your requirements, Cortex can be either on-premise or cloud-based. Enabling full flexibility in the way you work.

Situationally Aware Decision Automation

The expert decision making closely coupled with event management and automation capabilities makes Cortex situationally aware of any eventuality. Read more here.

Full Role-Based Access Control

Fully customisable to allow role-based access control within your organisation. Sensitive environments can be fully controlled securely across the enterprise.

Thousands out of the box integrations and interfaces

Cortex supports extensive interfaces and integrations all based on the Cortex interface framework. These interfaces enable communication to thousands of devices and systems. See all Integrations and Interfaces here.

Enabling Re-Use

Cortex’s ethos is to enable easy re-use of your automation so you can replicate existing automations, maximising the benefits of what is already built.

Situationally Aware Decision Automation

Cortex responds to conditional, environmental or state-based information and passes relevant data between Flows whilst maintaining an externalised system perspective for adaptive load, failure, and fault management.

Automation and Process Orchestration

Real-time process automation supports powerful visual user interfaces from role-based service request portals, to manual task management.  Deep visual process hierarchies promote rapid deployment, adaption to operational change and high levels of re-use. 

Your Automation Dashboard

The Cortex Dashboard is designed to be simple and easy to use throughout your organisation. Track the progress and quantity of your flows to keep up to date with how your automation is growing.

The dashboard shows you:

  • Flows in Progress
  • Flow Execution Count last 7 Days
  • Flow Execution Count last 24 Hours
  • Time Savings
  • Success Rate


LivePortal is an interface allowing your team to interact with the Cortex platform to execute any progress that has been implemented in a flow. LivePortal is fully customisable to your companies needs in terms of role-based access and colour scheme or logo and also grows with your business as you create new flows within Cortex.

LivePortal also provides easy access to help and support, contacting Cortex and administration functionality.

Your Visual Environment

Cortex Studio provides the graphical, environment for designing flows, accessed from the Cortex Gateway web portal using a web browser. Studio is used to create and edit the flows that define the actions, decisions and interactions within an automated business process or business rule.