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Cortex Intelligent Automation
Cortex is the first integrated Intelligent Automation platform to provide complex event management, machine intelligence and orchestrated process automation in a single automation platform.
Cortex Intelligent Automation
Going beyond basic automation capabilities and market hype of Desktop Automation, RPA or an army of Software Bots, Cortex Intelligent Automation Software brings together the four elements of Intelligent Automation.
Cortex Intelligent Automation
Cortex combines intelligent systems and automation systems to provide a solution which integrates rapidly with your existing technology tools.

The ability to ANALYSE situations using
machine intelligence and critically manage
all exceptions

The ability to SENSE, monitor, and decipher
events, receive requests and understand

Intelligent Automation is:

The ability to DECIDE using logic, rules, inference and neural nets to orchestrate an automated response

The ability to ACT, to apply the required automation, processes and functions based on the previous cycle

Our team introduces Cortex Intelligent Automation V6 and the unique platform capabilities:
Cortex V6.4. Find out the latest features, functionality, and benefits in our latest dot release summary: