We have built TM Forum assets showing the capabilities of Cortex’s Telecommunications Intelligent Automation solutions that are compliant with TM Forum’s Open APIs.

Research Report

Process automation: An evolutionary approach to digital transformation

Cortex provides out of the box support for the TM Forum NaaS Component Suite APIs. CSPs can now adopt the TM Forum standards to deploy NaaS compliant operations easily and rapidly without compromising their existing service provisioning and service assurance systems.

As part of a TM Forum Catalyst project championed by service providers Vodafone and BT. Cortex demonstrated an innovative approach for CSPs to benefit from the TM Forum standardised APIs, with minimal risk to existing business operations.

Cortex and TM Forum NaaS OpenAPIs

We work closely with TM Forum, to build information about solutions offered by Cortex to their community of over 850 companies. TM Forum works with communications service providers to digitally transform their operations and continue to evolve in this new digital era.

Cortex supports and fully integrates with TM Forum Network as a Service Component Suite Open APIs specification. Therefore, CSPs are able to have the full functionality of TM Forum NaaS whilst not compromising their existing network or service operations and also developing automation to solve challenges.

Cortex TM Forum Catalyst: Automating Service Problem Management Business Operations

In collaboration with BT and Vodafone, we created the TM Forum Catalyst: Automating Service Problem Management Business Operations. This was supported by The OpenNMS Group, Solent University, Tech Mahindra and Cortex as a proof of concept project.

CSPs often buy and use services from other CSPs to extend their geographic footprint and retain customers in the process. This can result in complexity on the network potentially causing faults that can be difficult to fix. This catalyst project looks to reduce the complexity and incompatibilities using the power of Intelligent Automation by Cortex.

Read about the Catalyst project here.