Cortex is helping enterprise organisations radically reduce their cost base, improve their quality of service, and drive new revenue.

“We used to look at consoles, now we have Cortex”

– Vodafone
Vodafone Logo 2020

“In 3 months, Cortex changed the way we work.”

– Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters

“With Cortex, we now deliver fast, reliable services.”

– BT

Cortex consistently delivers value, from increased efficiencies, improved quality to reduced cost of operations.

The worlds largest call centre had a velocity issue, breaching customer SLA’s, and now provision 93% of 43,000 Joiners, Movers and Leavers in 3 minutes
A financial information provider, resolved a growing customer reputation issue solving a 60% re-work issue resulting from poor quality of order delivery, which reduced staff churn from 9 months to 5 years, and generated $200M in savings per year
A global CSP, have shifted over 250 skilled technicians from low value network fault management tasks in the network operations centre into higher value tasks, and have entirely closed 3 of those centres
A global systems integrator, developed a previously impossible new multi-billion dollar global service, providing dynamic on-demand Business Data Lakes as a Service to global multi-national clients and out manoeuvring their competitors through Cortex.

Use Cases

Self-Healing Service

Too many recurrent faults across data and voice network causing failed SLA’s across disparate management systems for new and legacy equipment. Too much manual remediation.

Business Benefits:

  • 98% of faults automatically resolved
  • 80% of escalations automatically resolved
  • 60m complex events managed per month
  • £2.31m ROI in the first year
  • Released 35 team members to innovation

Patch and Release Management

System patching was unknown and unreliable, causing system outages in an increasingly complex mix of technologies. Operations were dis-coordinated with too many systems.

Business Benefits:

  • 100% of patch management headcount redeployed
  • Immediate application of critical patches
  • Regained 6 operational hours per day
  • Adaptive orchestration and process automation of 13,000 devices
  • Deployed within 3 months

Self-Managing User Provisioning

Failing 24 hour SLA for executing changes to joiners, leaver, role at one of World’s largest call centres. 195,000 failure prone changes per year managed at far too high a cost.

Business Benefits:

  • Eliminated 20% of underlying system failures
  • 99.3% of service requests actioned automatically within 1 minute
  • Zero headcount operations
  • Deployed within 3 months

Security and Compliance

Configuration inconsistencies in a dynamic and rapidly changing secure network environment causing cost, compliance and risk issues.

Business Benefits:

  • 100% policy compliant network configuration
  • Auto-configuration in minutes
  • Staff redeployed
  • System live within 3 months

Real-Time Supply Chain LP

Erroneous stock loss in the supply chain causing £8M in annualised over-ordering, and overstocking of slow moving items.

Business Benefits:

  • Black box operations
  • Accelerated investigations of real losses
  • Large reduction in stock re-orders