Support Services

Service Offering

Services provided by Cortex Product Support includes:

  • Help and assistance in any query regarding Cortex configuration.
  • Product support covers the Cortex platform, block functionality and documented features of Cortex, along with associated Cortex service modules which underpin the Cortex product.
  • Cortex Product support does not include assistance regarding any solution built with Cortex.
  • Cortex will provide a workaround to address an incident whenever possible.
  • Cortex will provide access to new revisions and hot fixes whenever possible.
  • In order to perform diagnosis Cortex may require remote access to the Cortex solution and or assistance to reproduce the incident.
  • Cortex Product support does not include support for any incident caused by other software packages or environments connected via Cortex interfaces.

Service Desk

All Cortex Support Services are available to customers on an SLA basis. Service Portal Knowledgebase, Informational and non-SLA services are available to all customers, with additional services available to Certified Engineers.

Cortex Service Portal: This service is available to end users to access our detailed Knowledgebase and client Case history 24 hours per day, 7 days per week available via

Certified Engineers: All Cortex engineers certified to at least Foundation Level will be granted direct access to the Cortex Service Portal and access to our dedicated team of support engineers. Certified engineers may raise new cases or query an open case in the portal.

Support Hours

Cortex provides manned ServiceDesk and incident response during UK Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UK local time, excluding UK public holidays.

Alternative Contact

In the event of the Cortex Service Portal not being available, cases may also be raised:

  • By Telephone: +44 (0) 2382 54 8999 (during UK Office Hours)
  • By email:
    • Subject: Customer Name, Solution and a suitable incident title description
    • The email must include, as minimum, the following information:
      1. System operation affected
      2. Impact level
      3. Urgency level
      4. Description of the issue

Incident Management Process

The incident follows a broad path as outlined by the figure below.

Once a case has been raised, it is first acknowledged (response) and then investigated which may involve access to the customers Cortex solution. A solution is offered to the case once a suitable resolution has been found.

Management Escalation

Detailed support escalation procedures are provided to customers on request, please see below for support escalation table.

Line of Escalation Contact Name Contact Address
1st Escalation Service Desk servicedesk@cortex.couk
2nd Escalation Support Manager
3rd Escalation Operations Director

Software Service Level Agreement

The service levels are target service levels for Cortex internal performance measures.

Cortex may share the performance statistics generated by Cortex with the Customer for information only. Cortex does not warrant the performance of Support Services. The SLA response only runs during UK office hours.

Software Severity Business Impact levels and corresponding response and target fix times

Level Business Impact Target Response Target Fix
1 Critical: Operations are severely affected. The Solution or major components of the Solution are inoperable, and no work around exists. 1 hour Hot fix
2 High: Operations are detrimentally affected or at significant risk of failure. The Solution or major components of the Solution are inoperable, and no work around exists. 1 hour Hot fix
3 Medium: A minor component or function is inoperable or not working correctly, or a Problem exists in a major component, but a temporary work-around is available. 1 day Planned for next appropriate release
4 Low: A Problem is detected which has no real effect on the daily operations, or for which a permanent work-around is available. 2 days Planned for next appropriate major release
5 None: A request for information, a cosmetic change is proposed, or a new feature is requested. 5 days Next user group review

Note: Resolutions may include the provision of technical ‘workaround’ which address the behaviour.