Digital Evolution – An evolutionary approach to successful digital transformation

Digital Evolution Vs. Digital Transformation: Why do we need a new approach?

Tactical automation projects, which deliver incremental benefits for individual tasks or business lines, can be an appealing alternative to high-risk digital transformation projects.

Automating simple tasks may give a quick return to meet a strategic objective but increases reliance on legacy systems which limits agility and development of competitive edge.

Digital Evolution

Taking this approach for more advanced automation, such as process automation or digital services, runs a high risk of creating islands of fragile automation, long change cycles, and increasing costs. It prevents innovation in the services and products needed to adopt new technologies and compete in the digital marketplace.

Evolution as a Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Evolution is the alternative to high-risk strategic transformation and the limited potential of tactical automation.

Utilising existing tactical automations and business systems as foundations for a digital future, Digital Evolution enables the creation of an agile transformation strategy.

Digital Evolution is a do now, do next, and do later progression of goals to realise your vision.

Cortex Intelligent Automation


  • Mitigate Risk
  • Decouples Process & Data
  • Architectural Agility
  • Realise Incremental Value
Cortex Intelligent Automation


  • Aligns with Objectives
  • Migrate Over Time
  • Continuous Improvement / Continual Development
  • Increase Competitive Advantage

Embracing the Digital Evolution Approach to Intelligent Automation

Digital Evolution is a preferred method of automation integration for many organisations. At its core, businesses must change their mindset when driving transformation. To achieve success they must embrace the following evolution focuses:

Vision: develop a multi-phase vision that embraces agility. Organisations must recognise that digital transformation will fundamentally transform the priorities of the business – bringing unexpected benefits, and unusual impacts, which are usually new opportunities to explore.

Strategy: redefine failed transformational projects and embrace underdeveloped tactical automation projects with an evolution strategy that enables agility in change and eliminates the immediate need for a full application overhaul.

Method: embrace change and be prepared to scale fast with 3-month evolution cycles. IA evolution methodology focuses on manifesting small and incremental changes that change constantly. Getting automated is no longer enough – you must think about staying automated.

Innovation Through Intelligent Automation Evolution

Transform your business through the power of automation. Cortex’s IA Evolution platform capabilities give your business the flexibility to adapt and scale with ease. Bring new products to market, revolutionise your systems and futureproof your business infrastructure with an evolving process that gives you the freedom to explore innovation.

Transformation Technologes in Digital Evolution

In order to achieve success in automation, your organisation requires the technology to emulate skilled human resource through machines – a model known as SADA (sense, analyse decide and act). In addition, you must be able to integrate digital capabilities such as 24×7 operation, non-linear scalability, and digital user interfacing alongside cognitive and advancing AI. Even in the most advanced evolution, people will still be required for novel, creative or personal tasks and decisions. Partner with our experts today to find out how to integrate and evolve automation processes within your team.

What Considerations Should You Make on a Digital Evolution Journey

Achieve automation by strategically planning your digital evolution technology. Considerations for organisations starting on their digital evolution journey include:

  • An integrated platform that supports the full SADA model cycle
  • A natural, easy-to-use, visual non-coding authoring interface
  • An agile integration layer that de-couples the use and management of interfacing
  • An integrated role-based access control for users
  • A ready to use set of visual building blocks and repository of reusable process fragments
  • Embedded testing and debugging environment which allows swift validation
  • In-built version and release management capabilities
  • An integrated single platform with the enterprise scalability to operate multi-location, multi-country, geo-resilient and high availability configurations
  • A simple cost model that encourages more automation based on value

What Considerations Should You Make on a Digital Evolution Journey

Digital Evolution is perfect for industries which are aversive to high-risk projects, or whom are restricted by regulations, internal policies or legacy systems. Digital Evolution is ideal for automation transformation across:

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