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Joiners, Movers, Leavers, and Compliance Automation Framework

Automating the repetitive and machine centric elements of HR, releases valuable resources to focus on bringing value to your organisation.

[Human resources, Business Operations, Employee experience, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance]


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Movers and Leavers – Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

De-Risk. 100% Compliance. Processes were reduced from weeks to just hours.

[joiners, movers, leavers, systems access auditing, data integrity, data enrichment]


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Automated Invoice Processing

Straight-Through-Processing. Scale to Meet Demand. 100% Accuracy.

[data silos, legacy system integration, data validation, reduce the cost to serve, audit and compliance]


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Automated IT Event Management

Multi-Vendor and Technology Independent. Intelligent Event Correlation and Cause Analysis.

[network alarm monitoring, filtering, and display, interactive event mitigation, pre-processing logs, alarms, and network data]


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Automated Cloud Orchestration

70% Reduction in Processing Time.  100% Accuracy. Simplified Contract and Provider Management.

[cloud provisioning, cloud configuration, cloud management, inventory management, user requests]


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Automated Self-Healing Infrastructures.

Proactively Identify Critical Alerts, Apply Corrective Actions, and Remediation,

[infrastructure management, root cause error detection, SLA compliance, data correlation, service quality improvement, increased service reliability]


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IT Service Orchestration

Reduced Cost of Delivery. Increased Service Availability. Autonomous Operations

[event driven automation, process automation, service-centric automation, rapid development environment, self-healing]


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Service Centric Automation

Eliminate Low Value Service Desk Tickets. Increase Velocity. Self-Healing and Self-Managing Services.

[automated requests, issues, and events, ITIL Source of Authority, Open Integration and Extensibility]


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System Access Auditing – Sarbanes-Oxley White paper

Enable 24/7 Machine Speed Compliance. De-Risk Operations.

[compliance, governance, audit, access controls and policies, data security, systems access management, infrastructure management]


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Service Request Management for User Provisioning

22,000 Employees, 5000 Actions, 24×7 Processing.  Seamlessly Manage Joiners, Movers, Leavers, and Compliance.

[systems provisioning, infrastructure provisioning, self-service capabilities, employee experience, access auditing and management, governance and compliance]


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Database Administration Automation

Increase Database Performance. Eliminate Service Request Backlogs. Managed by Domain Experts.

[housekeeping health checks, maintenance tasks, deployment and configuration, system downtime]


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