Demand is always very high for the rapid creation of infrastructure. Some of the challenges in keeping up with the demand are:

  • Lengthy request processing times
  • Multiple systems and approval requests
  • Difficult to on-board new service suppliers

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Legislative regulations – including the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, require companies to perform detailed audits. The challenges for organisations when auditing includes:

  • Size and variety of systems in scope
  • The mapping between user accounts and real people
  • Administration of the system auditing process

Find out how Cortex can manage this key audit activity at machine speed.

Instantly create a stable, resilient process-centric environment with Cortex Intelligent Automation.

Intelligently orchestrate processes and interact with the service managers, users, and specialists directly with Cortex today.

The US Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 – requires businesses to regularly audit their IT and related systems. Find out how Cortex Intelligent Automation can manage this key audit activity at machine speed. 

Cortex Intelligent Automation provides a solution for invoice processing to remove manual input and orchestrate the process to point of approval.

A Global Service Provider partnered with Cortex to increase operational speed and guarantee quality of service, transforming their existing manually serviced infrastructure to an automated self-healing environment.

The Cortex user provisioning solution has transformed a major UK Telecom Operators service by reducing the time taken to process service requests from days to minutes.

Cortex transforms the role of the Database Administrator from being the operator of the database management processes to being the manager of the processes.

Cortex’s Intelligent Automation Platform orchestrates and automates event and state monitoring, maintenance, and IT management, with business systems and processes.

Cortex Intelligent Automation brings three decades of advanced process control knowledge and technology to business processes.

Cortex provides a combination of flexible tools to achieve complete automation of event management in areas where traditional technology is inflexible.

A large fleet Tour Operator was losing out of season flight bookings because they could not validate the availability fast enough to capture the demand.

Cortex created a prototype process in which Flight Planning entered the details of the requirement including preferred aircraft, crew, and Pilot.