Intelligent Automation Enablement – Your Framework for Success

The Cortex Intelligent Automation Enablement program enables you to Kickstart, Design, Launch, and Accelerate to Self-Sufficient, Autonomous Operations. Cortex has proven strategies and methodologies to minimise barriers of entry and deliver rapid proof of value from Intelligent Automation. Enabling business users to manifest small and incremental changes to processes and services. Getting automated is not enough, you must be able to stay automated.

To be successful you must consider:

and FINALLY Technology

Get automated – Stay automated

Cortex Intelligent Automation Enablement Program Overviews

Cortex Kickstarter

What can Automation really do for you?
Let us show you Automation in Context

A free Cortex Kickstarter showcases Intelligent Automation capabilities within the context of your organisation’s operational environment and individual process requirements.

Completed over two/three days the Cortex Kickstarter enables rapid configuration of a cloud-based Cortex Intelligent Automation Software Platform to prototype Cortex in context.

With no cost associated what do you need to get started?

It’s simple:

  • Provide us with a defined scope of the process to automate and end objective.
  • Access to your processes Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), connectivity, system access and data sources

Cortex will do the rest and present back the prototype to show you how rapidly and easily it is to automate.

Watch to learn more about how we approach a Cortex Kickstarter and how we automated the response to an intruder alarm which reduced the process to just six-tenths of a second.

Cortex Design Sprint

The Essential Foundation for Automation Initiatives
Guarantee Automation Success

The Cortex Design Sprint is a technology and vendor agnostic program developed to guarantee automation success.

Facilitated by an expert automation specialist guiding you through the transition from Vision and Objectives to Identification and Validation of automation candidates.

This is crucial in evaluating your operational readiness and aligning your stakeholders to the automation initiative.

The Cortex Automation Design Sprint is a two-week formalised approach to automation based on our 1000+ man-years of knowledge and experience.

Cortex Operations Director Eddie Watson, explains how we help companies create a strategy for automation with a Cortex Design Sprint.

Cortex Launch Program

From Mobilisation to Production - No Risk, Contained Time and Cost Automation

Led by Cortex or an experienced certified partner the Launch Program deploys automation within a fixed time and fixed cost 12-week program. The Launch Program provides a risk-free step to digitally evolving with automation. The Cortex Launch Program avoids typical pitfalls of traditional ‘Digital Transformation’ projects with scope adjustments, spiralling costs, and timescales.

The Cortex Launch Program delivers automation through the phases of mobilisation, design of automation, trial testing, and UAT sign-off to production.

The program is a fixed-term, fixed-cost initiative to enable intelligent automation success.

Cortex Operations Director Eddie Watson talks through how we empower our customers to be self-sufficient with a Launch Program and an Acceleration Program.

Cortex Acceleration Program

Get Automated, Stay Automated – Achieve Autonomous Digital Operations

The Cortex Acceleration Program provides the complete framework and enablement program to evolve to self-sufficient autonomous operations. Combining Cortex Design Sprints for automation validation, Cortex Automation training to put automation in the hands of your operations, and assisted delivery and project management to guide you through a hands-on program in deploying and ultimately owning ongoing automation initiatives.

The Acceleration Program provides a strategic platform for effectively and efficiently accelerating automation across the enterprise through the creation of a Cortex Centre of Excellence to support the digital evolution of operations.

An Acceleration Program can be scaled to run for three, six or nine months, delivering automation to production and producing real business outcomes and Digital Evolution.

Why is the Intelligent Automation Enablement approach so important?

Success is not about Technology. The initial selection of automation tools at the expense of the strategies and methods inhibits organisations realising long-term value. To embrace digital evolution is to change the mindset driving transformation.

The Cortex Intelligent Automation Enablement programs have been created based on 1000+ man-years of automation experience established in Process Automation and Control engineering. Cortex clients and partners can mitigate risk, delivering automation initiatives within set timescales and budgets.

The enablement programs are designed to help organisations embrace agility and future-proof their operations. The ability, and agility, to stay automated with long-term consideration of organisational, management, control, and governance aspects are of high importance. This will help ensure that the right automation is being used, at the right time, for the right reason, and that the organisation is able to continuously digitally evolve.