Cortex works to transform operations for businesses in the Insurance industry. From documentation matching, through process automation and ultimately to automated claim adjudication and settlement, organisations can enhance their processes through Intelligent Automation.

Discover how Intelligent Automation can quickly deliver business value, and crucially integrate with older technology estates.

Use Cases:

  • Automated Claims Handling
  • Automated Claims Adjudication

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We increased speed by 95% and capacity by 19x in a major US Insurers claims handling function, find out how we did it.

We revolutionised claims adjudication from a time-consuming process into one that runs 24/7 meeting 99% SLA. Let us show you how to increase your operational scale.

End to End Insurance processing is challenging for any business. We have revolutionised the process, improved accuracy, operation scale, and hit SLAs. We did it whilst increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Check out how we can evolve your business