Cortex works to transform operations for businesses in the Banking and Financial Services industry. Learn more about our work within Banks and Financial Service Providers on this resources page.

Find out how we address the four key trends challenging banks in the current landscape:

  • Customers are placing their trust with challengers
  • Current revenue models are under pressure
  • Regulators are amplifying the challenges facing banks
  • Emerging technologies are enabling autonomous finance

De-risk your Banks operations, the Cortex solution operates at 24/7 machine speed, provides a full audit trail, and reduces onboarding to a same-day process.  

Turn a time-consuming process into one that runs at 24/7 machine speed. We have delivered loan origination & adjudication with improved accuracy and operation scale.

With increasingly more complex fraud attacks on customers, we can orchestrate the management of fraud flags minimising risk, increasing security, and all at machine speed.

Download this use case for the automated collection and analysis of data to check for compliance and onboard clients.

Mitigate the risk and increase the accuracy of your underwriting process. We can help your business;

  • Reduce risk
  • Operate at machine speed – improving your processing times on applications
  • Scale appropriately to cope with peak periods