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Unlocking your Banking Digital DNA – White Paper

Digital Evolution is the essential approach to digital operations.  This White Paper provides the framework for your success.

[strategy, methodology, digital transformation, digital operations]


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Automated Regulatory Compliance

De-Risk Operations. Improve Oversights. Increase Agility.

[audit, improve cost of service, key risk areas, role-based access, straight-through-processing]


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Automated KYC – New Client Onboarding

Straight-through-processing of new clients or new product applications, 24 x7 digital operations.

[CX, AML, fraud flags, digital onboarding, de-risk, compliance]


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Why Digital Transformation Fails – White Paper

Avoid the pitfalls of previous Digital Transformation project failures with this five-stage model for success.

[digital evolution, operational strategy, digital insights]


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Automated Loan Origination and Adjudication.

100% Accuracy, Compliance and Governance, De-Risk

[document validation, document correlation, AML, KYC, loan plan and contract creation]



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Automated Underwriting

Reduce Completion Time.  De-Risk.  Increase Accuracy.

[LTV, DTI, data and document correlation, asset creation, governance and compliance]


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Intelligent Automation for Banking

The Essential Guide to address the FOUR key trends challenging today’s banking landscape.

[emerging technologies, regulation and compliance, new revenue models, challenger competitors]



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Automated Fraud Detection

Reduce Losses, Automated Counter Measures, Improved Regulatory Compliance.

[fraud flags, complex attacks, real-time data correlation, fraud categorisation]


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Automated Identity Access Management
and Segregation of Duties

Role-Based Access Control, Improved Regulatory Compliance.

[banking data, user access management, IAM, SoD]


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