Cortex Intelligent Automation solutions enable Automated Operations for Insurance organisations. Evolving to zero-touch operations with Automated Claims Handling and Claims Adjudication.

Cortex Intelligent Automation for Insurance Transformation:

Cortex is working with Insurance companies, Claims Processing organisations, and outsourced business service providers, transforming the way in which they are managing, processing, and handling their workloads. From document matching, through process automation and ultimately to automated claim adjudication and settlement, organisations can enhance their processes through Intelligent Automation.

Cortex Intelligent Automation for Insurance Claims Processing:

End to End claims handling has inherently evolved over time as new systems, products and processes have been introduced. Claims are now able to be submitted by multiple means requiring numerous system inputs. From phone, email, online submissions, and uploads these submissions require both time and manual intervention.

Cortex Intelligent Automation removes these challenges, correlating, validating, enriching, and enhancing the information provided. Cortex interfaces with both internal and external systems and at machine speed correctly formats and processes the information provided. Watch our Insurance Claims Processing video to see the Cortex Intelligent Automation platform in action.

Cortex Intelligent Automation for Insurance Claims Adjudication:

Claims Adjudication requires agents to analyse policy details and claim requests to validate, query or deny the settlement of a claim. Working between multiple systems and across a number of platforms agents are required to manually obtain, input required historic and current claim information, invoices and policy parameters and make calculations required to either verify or deny a claim.

Watch how Cortex Intelligent Automation can be applied to provide agents with a single screen of information and pre-calculated recommendations for claim adjudication.

Deploying Intelligent Automation software enables organisations to increase accuracy, improve efficiency and capacity to manage claims and deliver excellent customer service.

A non-code, drag and drop environment, Cortex is vendor agnostic, integrating with your claims management systems and solutions. Put your subject matter experts, the people in your organisation at the heart of the automation solution, with Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform.