Cortex Intelligent Automation creates a unified platform that automates business processes and orchestrates technology resources with powerful machine intelligence.

Cortex is the first unified platform to provide the tools, strategies and methodologies to support the difficult journey from incremental improvements to current operations, through creating autonomous services and consistently maintaining the autonomous environment.

Cortex has been delivering automation solutions for almost three decades to customers in a range of different industries, from mining to space exploration, from financial services to telecommunications.

With a defined use case, Cortex Intelligent Automation Kickstarter provides a prototype of Intelligent Automation Software in context within a two/three day workshop.

From corporate vision through to an initial three month deployment plan, Cortex Intelligent Automation Design Sprint creates the alignment required to rapidly realise the business benefits of intelligent automation.

The Cortex Intelligent Automation Launch Program enables you to deploy intelligent automation efficiently, cost-effectively and at scale.

Cortex Intelligent Automation Acceleration Program provides a strategic platform for accelerating automation across the enterprise through the creation of a Cortex Centre of Excellence.

Cortex Intelligent Automation Software delivers seamless integration to your third-party systems and allows flows to fluently interact with external systems.

Cortex’s Intelligent Automation Software Platforms provide you with a flexible and scalable way to start, accelerate, and augment your intelligent automation journey.