I’m Joe, and I have a BEng in Electronic Engineering. I started at Cortex in the summer of 2014 and moved to Southampton straight after University to join the Projects team.

The company was quite different back then, but I settled in very quickly with the team and the company due to the friendly atmosphere. Being new to the company and industry I felt that I asked a lot of stupid questions, but one thing which surprised me was how everyone makes time for you (whatever their role or department).

Having been here for a while I’ve grown a lot and feel like I’m constantly learning which is something that keeps me interested. I’ve also had the chance to travel for the job (2 projects in Philadelphia, several in Amsterdam and Utrecht) and take on a wide variety of projects ranging from Health Insurance Claims to Server Provisioning and some ISP management.

There’s also an opportunity to help out with other departments, including Sales and Pre-Sales engagements such as Proof of Concepts for clients, providing feedback on new features the Development team are working on and other internal work.

As a team, we get the chance to think of internal initiatives we want to do which have also given me a great learning opportunity, and aside from that I’ve spent time learning Azure, SQL. Outside of work, I managed to create a simple Alexa skill to call Cortex and interact with Philips Hue lightbulbs. Sadly this doesn’t have much of a business use case!

On the social aspect, we have a variety of events such as sports, board games, BBQs. My favourites are Karting and 5 a side, as well as going to the pub at 5pm on a Friday.

I think it’s a great company with a friendly atmosphere, which is probably why I’ve been here since Uni!