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Network Provisioning Multi-Vendor Activation

Cortex can: manage multi-vendor activation and provisioning with one platform, manage current processes across multiple domains, reduce reliance on legacy systems and simplify adoption of future processes.

Cortex provides an integrated approach; from event management to process automation and orchestration. Cortex will integrate and manage existing technologies whilst filling in where gaps exist, to ensure a complete end to end management systems approach.

Cortex transforms your operations through increased focus on strategic control of processes, as opposed to operational decision making. Cortex enables the transition from a screen facing organisation to one which is customer facing.

The Cortex user provisioning solution has transformed a major UK Telecom Operators service by reducing the time taken to process service requests from days to minutes.

Cortex has been delivering automation solutions for almost three decades to customers in a range of different industries, from mining to space exploration, from financial services to telecommunications.