Intelligent Automation transforming Service Assurance, powering Autonomous Networks and the journey to Zero-Touch Operations.

Operational Challenges:

Network operations typically have high numbers of specialist engineers re-actively firefighting faults and alarms, instead of improving services and managing networks.

Minor alarms can become customer-visible faults if not addressed.

Introducing new technologies and network vendors imposes additional training overhead and workload, leading to more constrained resources to investigate alarms.

Major network incidents can occur 24 X 7 and during night-hours when people are typically least cognitive, or when support teams are most stretched.

The journey to autonomous networks builds on proven intelligent automation use cases which underpin this transformation.

The successful deployment and implementation of Cortex Intelligent Automation platform, has facilitated the redeployment of teams, with >70% of staff being released either to new product development or customer care roles.




Fault management team bombarded by over 15 million network messages per month from the element management system, requiring more than 12,000 trouble tickets being raised.


Cortex Intelligent Automation deployed to perform end-to-end event driven intelligent automation, replacing legacy alarm and ticket based manual work-flows. Trouble tickets are autonomously raised, updated and closed as the Cortex Software platform manages the network alarms.


          • 11,700 manually raised tickets mitigated
          • 98% reduction in manual effort
          • Cost reduction per customer call made
          • Improving customer service experience and NPS.


Both the ‘mean time to respond’ and the ‘cost to serve’ for fixed line data and voice support needed to be reduced. Manual resources were limited and costly.


The Cortex Intelligent Automation platform delivers a complete automated diagnostic and testing service. Interfacing with existing, disparate systems, retrieving all information required to initiate and run appropriate CLI commands, analyses the results, and if further investigation is required, raises an escalation on the service
management platform.


        • Hours of time saved in 6 Months – 10,681
          • Equivalent to 12 Full Time Employees
        • Scalable operational capacity to accommodate increased circuit numbers or apply new remediation processes
        • Consistent assignment of issue resolution


Degraded network quality, failing SLAs, high cost of operations and lost revenue. A lack of resources and high network complexity compounding the difficulty in resolving this.


The Cortex Intelligent Automation platform delivers a fully automated alarm handling solution. Interfacing directly with existing Devices, Operating Systems, Applications, FM Tools, Inventory and Trouble Ticketing systems.  The Automated Alarm Management solution incorporates four key areas; Automated raising of Trouble Tickets, Automated Trouble Ticketing Enrichment, Automated Trouble Ticket Allocation and Automated Alarm Resolution.


        • Handling 13000 separate devices generating >80 million events per month
          • 1 year, automation increasing team capacity by 400%
        • Service Accuracy raised from 97.3 to 99.9996%
        • Initial year RoI 130% – Subsequent years 470%


Network Management Automation – Service Assurance


Transforming Fault and Incident Management across fixed line, call centre, data interconnect, and mobile core networks.  Find out how a Tier-1 Global Service Provider achieved unprecedented automation results.

More than 70% of the skilled NOC engineers were re-deployed to customer facing roles resulting in 300% increase in revenue, improved service quality and the replacement of four Network Operations Centres (NOCs) with a single War Room.

During the pilot phase Cortex Intelligent Automation platform was deployed to sense, manage and remediate first line activities, and then rolled out throughout the entire operations in a phased approach. The implementation of Cortex Intelligent Automation has expanded throughout the organisation, across their network and IT operations with a 5-year rolling strategic roadmap, including; Maintenance and Housekeeping, Field Service Scheduling, Patch and Release Management and Full Lifecycle Service Provisioning.

The Evolution of Fault Management


Operators are starting to accelerate their journey to automation of their fault management processes. However, there is a long and tortuous journey for most to achieve the fully autonomous nirvana envisioned for operations: there are too many mistakes being made in planning the journey and too much manual activity not included in the current plan which prevents any prospect of a transformation to a zero-touch future.

Intelligent Automation however leverage’s the power of machine intelligence in analytics and decisioning using deterministic techniques to drive rules, heuristics, and models for outcomes that are predictable. This will accelerate any automation initiative on the road to autonomous operations.

Download the framework for success in the Evolution of Fault Management Whitepaper

The Cortex specialist Telecommunications Team have over two decades of hands on domain experience across Service Assurance and Service Provisioning projects and infrastructures. This is supported by over 300+ man years of automation expertise to ensure your successful journey to zero-touch autonomous networks is achieved.