Cortex shifted our engineers out of the NOC, to manage services and innovate networks, rather than managing alarms and fixing faults

Head of Fixed Voice Networks
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Automated Network Management – White Paper

Dark NOCs – How one Tier 1 Provider evolved to close 4 NOCs & redeploy 70% of skilled engineers to customer-facing & higher-value roles.

[Service Assurance, root cause analysis, event alarm management, trouble ticketing,]


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Self Optimising Networks

Increase Service Availability. Improve Network Utilisation. Reduce Cost of Operations.

[multi domain, multi-vendor, impact analysis, network configuration, network impact]


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Evolution of Fault Management White Paper

Cortex Intelligent Automation manages 98% of 6+ MILLION Network Events and 110K+ Situations.

[zero touch, fault remediation, performance optimisation, configuration validation]


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Automated Alarm Management

13K Devices, 80 MILLION Events, 400% Increase in Capacity. 

[trouble ticket enrichment, trouble ticket allocation, MTTR, alarm resolution]


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Automated Trouble Ticketing

15 MILLION Alarms, 12K Tickets, 98% Reduction in Manual Effort –  all Automated by Cortex.

[ticket mitigation, ticket correlation, ticket enrichment, service availability improvement]


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Automated Diagnostics and Testing

Time Savings Equivalent to 12 FTE. Improved NPS. Increased Capacity.

[MTTR, cost to serve, data correlation, customer service]


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Download Cortex’s Service Operations Use Cases and White Papers for Telecommunications Intelligent Automation. Learn about our real-world outcomes within large communication service providers.