The digital and technology landscape is ever shifting, meaning that businesses face the challenge of constantly innovating to stay ahead in their market. Industry leaders need to be aware of the emerging trends in their sector, and the new focuses of their audience, in order to be able to adapt quickly. We take a look at 2022 Technology Trends.

Top Technology Trends to Innovate Your Business

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Service Orchestration

RPA is no longer sufficient for businesses – they’re looking to take the next step towards complete autonomy with service orchestration. By using service orchestration, businesses can optimize existing investments in task automation technologies, working at the processes level to strategically achieve their goals. This means that businesses can benefit from more than just task-based innovation and automation, giving advantages such as agility, scalability and increased capacity. For many industries, service orchestration can change your business in 2022.

User Experience

Today, the customer is at the center of every journey. Technology giants Google are increasingly moving towards user experience as a measurement of website performance, and businesses of all sectors need to follow suit. That means frictionless customer touch points, immediacy in response and accessible solutions that meet consumers’ increasing expectations. This rapid shift towards user experience can be facilitated with Intelligent Automation. Automating back and middle office processes and services enables organisations to improve employee experience and customer experience and interactions and giving them the versatility to operate 24/7 responsive systems.

Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution’s success comes through careful planning and implementation. Adopting a considered, yet agile approach to innovate is fundamental – making incremental gains that will future-proof the business for long-term success. Whilst this avenue requires longer-term planning, it is highly flexible – allowing for a change of strategy after each individual automation project is completed.

Does the Approach Result in Automation Success?

No longer is all-out digital transformation the goal for businesses. Digital Evolution is emerging as the attractive alternative to the resource and cost-heavy investment of a complete transformation project – providing minimal risk and a clear, strategic approach to achieving success.

Digital Evolution focuses on separating an organisation’s vision from the technology involved, allowing teams to identify key target areas which can successfully be automated to innovate their business. Specialists can then focus on enhancing this priority area, allowing businesses to track the granular success of their project and gaining complete confidence in the process before scaling and integrating their automation initiative into other areas of the business, avoiding the pitfalls of siloed and isolated automation projects. Learn more about the benefits of Digital Evolution today

Security Critical Automated Functions

In all organistions the automation of security critical functions is a vital way to maintain governance and regulatory compliance. System Access Auditing requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is both highly repetitive and time consuming and must be fully auditable.  Compliance and IT Teams can benefit from end-to-end process automation to achieve and maintain this.  Specific changes to the UK Telecommunications Security Bill in November mean that automation and orchestration must play an essential role in telecommunications functions. Monitoring and auditing will form a crucial part of demonstrating compliance, as will the responsibility to limit the extent of users’ access to security critical functions. Learn more about how deploying Cortex’s software can help businesses address the challenges of the new telecommunications UK security bill, here.

Digital Banking Services

As the world continues to move towards digitalisation, digital banking services are expanding globally and an increasing number of retailers are adapting the way they accept payments – working with third party providers including PayPal and Klarna. For the financial services industry, the need to offer a full banking service online is growing.

Letting users access services remotely comes with a host of challenges, from onboarding and due diligence, to navigating user experience with interfaces and fraud prevention protocols. The resources involved in moving operations online can be huge. By embracing new software with automation capabilities, financial providers can streamline their operations and gain confidence in their operations.

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Utilise Automation Technology in 2022

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