This article promotes the fact that business process automation is the future model of business process outsourcing. Unfortunately, Business process Automation (“BPA”) has been around for quite some time now and has struggled to make a real impact because it maintains the people-centric perspective used in business process re-engineering.

BPA is just getting actions done faster, more repeatably and more reliably. Unfortunately a modern business operates on customer centric services which change and constantly improve. This requires more than a machine – it requires a smart machine to automate. Not just actions, but evaluation, analysis, decisions, and adaption. This is Service Orchestration

To draw an analogy, If you were building a house; using BPA is like getting a machine to “bang the nails in” faster. Using Service Orchestration is automating the building of the entire house.

To head off the catastrophic elimination of labor arbitrage for off shore outsourcers real step transformation is required. Business service orchestration takes the wholly new approach of creating autonomous processes with an outcome focus. Prioritizing being able to automate the process is a naive view of the drivers in this market. Outcomes in quality, velocity, scale and cost are the only relevant criteria for successful automation. These are the focus of Business Service Orchestration, and doesn’t just “bend the needle” for outsourcers it completely transforms their operations.

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