Around 55 per cent of organisations plan to implement infrastructure and operations (I&O) automation strategies within the next 12 to 18 months, a poll at Gartner’s IT Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit 2014 has found.

Although I&O automation tools are great for managing workloads, they can also cause problems. One of the main issues is that there are often too many tools within a single enterprise. With teams bringing different automation tools to fix problems wi thin their own areas, communication is key; a lack of cooperation can make problems worse.

According to, Gartner said that 75 per cent of large enterprises will have more than four varied automation tools within their IT portfolios by 2016. This will create an inconsistency and lead to an IT automation model which is not scalable.

To solve this problem, Ronni Colville, an analyst with Gartner, said that IT automation roles needs to be created within a staff team. Each of these professionals can then consider what processes need to be automated and how that should be achieved. Tha t way, the overall responsibility of picking tools and integrating them into the system will belong to one particular person.

Ms Colville said that businesses should pick mature tools instead of relying on costly, less-established options. Scripts in particular hold very little value, whereas business process management tools are mature and can therefore offer an enterprise a lot more for its money.

Author: Laura Varley