Some 63 per cent of workers across the globe do not believe that automation is a threat, even if it’s ever capable of doing their entire job, a survey by Monster Worldwide reveals.

A further ten per cent of employees think that, even if robots or automation software end up doing their jobs, it will take them at least ten years to do so, reports Eight per cent predict this process will take between five and ten years, and just seven per cent see it happening within the next five.

The majority of workers remain positive that automation will never be able to replace them completely despite the fact a 2013 Oxford study estimated that almost half (47 per cent) of US roles will become automated in the next 20 years, reports

Joanie Courtney, senior vice president (SVP) of market development at Monster, said there are certain things robots cannot replicate or replace.

“Emotional intelligence and soft skills are essential in today’s economy, and furthermore crucial to the development of future technologies and careers,” she said. “As certain fields become outmoded, just as many have in the past, it’s important to focus on building sectors that open up entire new professions.”

She added that workers who do fear they may be replaced by automation should listen to the advice given in the Oxford study and strengthen their creative and social skills to ensure they remain needed within their workplace.