Digital Evolution is the buzz word in automation today. But just why are companies finding this approach more successful? Our experts analyse the Digital Evolution approach to automation and discuss exactly how it can be used to help your business scale:

Digital Evolution in Context

To understand the success of Digital Evolution, we have to look at the need for it amongst businesses.

Intelligent Automation projects are a huge undertaking for any businesses, with obstacles to success ranging from investment costs and team buy-in, to legacy infrastructure and resource availability. These challenges contribute to the struggles for businesses to deliver market success, meaning that a more strategic and streamlined approach is needed.

Digital Evolution arose from the methodology that business vision should be separated from the product functionality of automation software. Digital Transformation should not be led by selecting a pre-defined Technology or Vendor first. By isolating the two, businesses can focus on defining clear goals and identifying areas of priority within their business for innovation.

Why Did Cortex Develop Digital Evolution for Automation?

Eddie Watson, Cortex’s Operations Director, explains why Cortex developed the strategic approach of Digital Evolution: “The focus on customer success has been a key thing that we’ve introduced at Cortex. Looking at the concept of what success means for our partners, Digital Evolution was a clear solution to help them clear the automation fog of technologies and mixed messages.”

Digital Evolution helps your team separate the processes from the technology, giving our experts the ability to support our customers through fairly significant organisational changes.”

Digital Evolution was designed as the ideal tool to enable businesses to realise their vision. Hear more from Eddie about Intelligent Automation through evolution.

What to Expect as Part of Your Digital Evolution Journey

Envisioned as a strategic approach to automation, Digital Evolution centers around the principles of minimising risk, gaining clarity and building confidence. As part of this approach, our experts recommend the Cortex design sprint.

an intensive, free workshop used by businesses to establish the need and functionality of innovation goals within their organisation. The design sprint is perfect to achieve team buy-in and understand more about the impact that Intelligent Automation can have on your business.

Planning & Implementing Your Intelligent Automation Project

Digital Evolution’s success comes through careful planning and implementation. Adopting a considered, yet agile approach to innovate is fundamental – making incremental gains that will future-proof the business for long-term success. Whilst this avenue requires longer-term planning, it is highly flexible – allowing for a change of strategy after each individual automation project is completed.

Does the Approach Result in Automation Success?

A large South African operator has used the Cortex Design Sprint service to give shape to their future vision by assessing a range of candidate automation projects. Each project is assessed across a variety of metrics: alignment to organisation vision; in-house knowledge of process detail; availability and accessibility of third-party applications; implementation timelines; and implementation costs. This allows them to define an immediate automation implementation roadmap, providing a framework for continuing their digital operations journey after the initial phase.

Explore Cortex’s Digital Evolution Solution Today

Digital Evolution is the automation solution to suit businesses across all industries and sizes. Find out it how can help your business enter a new phase of innovation by booking a free discovery session with our experts.