Analytics and automation will play a key role in the dramatic transformation of IT service management over the next year, thanks to emerging innovations.

This is from expert Dennis Drogseth, who has released his predictions for the important roles that both of these will play across the IT industry in 2015. Writing on, he notes that automation will be one of the “biggest game changers” for IT Service Management (ITSM).

The disruptive technology has the potential to impact virtually every other innovation, which includes mobile, wireless and social IT. Drogseth explains: “While ITSM is traditionally viewed in terms of ‘service desk’, as it evolves it will reach out through automation and analytics to include operations, and even development, far more proactively.

“This is true whether we’re talking about configuration automation, more advanced workflows, runbook or IT process automation, or other automation investments.”

The evolving role of change management will expose the true potential of automation, notes Drogseth; transforming it from slow, laborious and fragmented manual processes, to more streamlined and service-aware capabilities. Automation, service modelling and analytics will begin to amalgamate in new efficient ways, revolutionising ITSM and even the broader service management sector.

Concluding his predictions, Drogseth notes the importance of attention to governance, process, dialogue and business alignment, allowing ITSM to play a pivotal role in pulling the innovations together.