New research has emphasised yet again how process automation has become an essential tool to businesses across many different industries.

A survey featured on discovered that the majority of IT professionals benefit from automation – in fact, 98 per cent of respondents said they agreed with that statement. In particular, these respondents experienced improvements in the delivery of new products, customer service and productivity.

What’s more, over two-thirds of those surveyed said that their organisation had enjoyed reduced IT costs since using automation. Additionally, 87 per cent said that process automation helped the IT function to more closely align with business goals.

Increasing demand from customers who are looking to reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies has seen the process automation market grow exponentially in recent times. Research published in claims that the market is likely to be worth over $180 billion by 2020.

Europe and America currently assume the biggest share, a trend that is expected to continue until the end of the decade.

The importance of automation for the coming years was also highlighted, with 65 per cent of respondents saying that it would be crucial for ‘integrating and managing big data solutions in the future’.

Author: Elizabeth Smythe