Although automation can improve processes and workflows, chief information officers (CIOs) should not forget that their main focus should be customer relationships, a technology writer has argued.

Writing for, Samuel Greengard notes that CIOs require a balance of real people and technology in order to deliver optimum results in the best way. He estimates that nearly everything will be automated in 50 or 100 year’s time, as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence tech is advancing fast.

Mr Greengard comments stemmed from recent news that a hotel in California has planned to use a robot to automate certain processes. The robot, named Botlr, is fully autonomous and will deliver toothbrushes and snacks, among other things, to guests, reports Agreeing with the hotel’s CEO Steve Cousins, Mr Greengard believes that tech like this is the future. However, too much automation can be a bad thing.

“Customers require some human interaction and ignoring this basic fact diminishes long-term prospects – and results,” he explains. “While ATMs, self-service websites and mobile apps make it easy to accomplish tasks without human interaction, there’s the more important objective of establishing a long-term relationship, which typically leads to a more profitable and successful business.”

He says that automated processes can benefit everyone and will remain a part of businesses forever. Moreover, implementing automation can result in reduced labour costs and means that customers are able to perform tasks more efficiently.

Author: Laura Varley