Automation is changing the skills being demanded by UK businesses, with plenty of firms still looking to take on new staff.

Looking at 100 London businesses, a new survey by asked how technology impacted a firm’s environment and the skills they felt were needed to tackle challenges in today’s world.

Businesses are seeing an increased need for skills such as digital know-how, creativity and management in this technological environment. As processing, clerical and support roles are being needed much less thanks to automation technologies, it’s positive news that firms are still looking to recruit new staff.

The survey shows that 73 per cent of the businesses asked plan to increase their headcount in the next five years, while 51 per cent say they will add at least 10 per cent to current staff numbers.

Despite recent predictions from Deloitte about automation and advances in technology meaning potentially heavy job losses over the next 20 years, the HR Magazine survey found that 40 per cent of UK jobs are at low or no risk of being replaced. This increases to 51 per cent in London.

The results show that while it is clear technological changes will have big consequences, as long as dynamic businesses fully understand and anticipate them, there is cause for optimism.