Cortex® are previewing the latest developments in the evolution of automation at MWC19, showcasing version 7 of its Intelligent Automation platform.

With a theme of ‘Scaling with the Enterprise’, version 7 delivers improvements in Intelligence, Integration, Analytics, Adoption, Scaling and Architecture.

Auto-intelligent generation of integration logic for external systems enables Cortex® to Integrate with tens of thousands of systems out of the box. This supports the latest interface definition published in formats including PowerShell cmdlets, OpenAPI/swagger, and WSDL, providing instant integration even for custom systems.

Cortex® LivePortal User Interface has been transformed, supporting dynamic generation of responsive content and production of client branded and personalised catalogues, workflows, and portals.

User customisable dashboards generated from the integrated Microsoft® SQL services over the Cortex® Data Warehouse produce unique insights to enable consistent autonomous operations.

Role-based continuous delivery capabilities enable agile automation of operations in a real dynamic business environment. Design time acceleration to increase productivity 2x is achieved through new controls and built-in intelligent automation.

World-class credential management in a machine to machine relationship, ensuring segregation of duties and access compliance is now fully integrated with ready-to-use integrations to CyberArk®, including interfaces for Credential Management and Application Identity Manager.

Advanced server performance optimisation provides the fastest enterprise-scale performance to date, with individual Cortex systems now processing over 8 million transactions per day. More resilient event and trap handling provides 100% consistency at availability exceeding 99.999%.

Self-managed installation and configuration enables more rapid installation with reduced admin requirements. Enhanced change management provides the fastest ever role based controlled publishing.

Jonathan Hobday, sales director comments,

“The team have work closely with our clients to understand and implement the critical components of intelligent automation that are transforming their businesses. New clients are coming from decades of failed projects and false promises into the Cortex generation. The reliability and predictability of intelligent outcomes with Cortex is driving exponential growth in the scale and variety of use cases. Version 7 provides the next generation of Cortex Intelligent Automation technologies to stay ahead of the curve in enterprise scale, performance, robustness, and security, whilst orchestrating new powerful sensing, analytics, decision making, automation capabilities. The product and development team that are producing this next generation of Cortex Intelligent Automation, in Version 7, are nothing short of incredible . . “

Providing an established and robust orchestration and automation solution, Cortex have been at the heart of transforming telecoms operations successfully for two decades. Within a single, unified, no code platform, Cortex Intelligent Automation software combines powerful technologies to deliver decision-driven, self-adjusting, closed-loop automation. Cortex have worked with Network Operators and CSPs, applying the strategies, methodologies, and technology to deliver autonomous operations across their Service Assurance, Service Provisioning and Enterprise Business Services.

During MWC19 you can find the Cortex Intelligent Automation team on stand 7K37.  Further information is at or contact