The vast majority of IT professionals believe automation can help them to improve the quality of their companies’ internal services, the results of a new study suggest. After questioning 275 American tech workers at the recent Knowledge14 event in San Francisco, researchers from KPMG found that 98 per cent think the work produced by departments like facilities and human resources could be improved by using IT.

Rick Wright, KPMG’s global cloud leader, said that technology can be used not only to create systems that change how a business operates, but also to manage them.

According to, he added: “The advantage is that many IT departments already have implemented a systematic approach to delivering enterprise services with a proven IT service model.”

While companies are clearly aware of the benefits of automation, the survey revealed that only 56 per cent are planning to implement some kind of service management system over the next 12 months, reports.

At present, three-quarters of firms (75 per cent) still rely on email for assistance with most business processes, although 90 per cent of those asked think automation would be a better option.

Interestingly, 93 per cent of respondents agree that the role of enterprise IT has evolved from its infrastructure administration roots to become more focused on driving enterprise services.

Author: Graeme Parton