Experts predict that businesses will prioritise automation as the number one way to streamline operations in 2015.

Automation technologies have been cited as a key aid for many businesses as they strive to become more productive and efficient in the new year, notes

Lower operating costs and better support for customers are main reasons that business will choose to automate their operations, leading these technologies to play an important role next year. This follows recent revelations from IT research and advisory leader Gartner that revealed the same reasons behind increasingly widespread adoption of cloud technology. The majority of cloud application buyers cited cost, innovation and ability as the important factors in their decision.

Businesses will need to identity the key areas to automate as the first step moving forward, notes Automating mundane and day to day operational aspects can offer an immediate jump in productivity and profits, allowing business more time to focus on growth and the “big picture”. On top of this, automating billing processes and establishing standard operating instructions will improve accuracy and expertise.

Author: Chloe Menage