Automation should be used to manage the costs of increasingly complex systems – as doing so is not getting any cheaper, one expert has claimed.

Writing for, tech blogger John Leonard explained that, despite many technological developments and advancements, the process of managing workplace systems is getting more complex. The result is that costs are not going down, even at a time when many other mature technologies are becoming notably cheaper.

Even if only for this reason alone, Leonard argues, companies should invest in automation wherever possible to keep their outgoings to a minimum.

It was argued that Moore’s Law ensures capacities will keep up with increases on demand – and continue to do so potentially indefinitely. Whilst sound in theory, Leonard said that companies have already noted a strain on their resources, thereby proving that Moore’s Law may not be as applicable in the real world as first thought, notes.

Leonard’s comments were made in a piece that sought to explain just what a ‘software-defined data centre’ (SSDC) actually is. He said that, despite many businesses acknowledging they may need such a function, many decision makers were still seeking clarification.

He said that automation could help with the provision of storage solutions, with efficiency and agility concerns eventually breaking down silos and ensuring as much as possible can be automated.

Whilst painting a SSDC-equipped world as something of a utopia, Leonard noted that many questions still remained on the subject of cost and practicality.

“These are all issues that require answers from the industry,” he noted. “Until then, SSDC will remain an interesting idea, a beautiful vision to strive towards.”

Author: David Howells