Businesses could save billions of pounds a year by automating the market research process.

George Terhanian, who is chief strategy and products officer for online poll provider Toluna, has claimed that processes such as tracking, satisfaction measurement and advertisement pre-testing are “ripe for automation”.

In an guest blog for, he estimated that businesses across the globe were spending the equivalent of £1.57 billion on these sorts of processes at present.

He said: “It is easy to imagine a future in which tech-savvy agencies figure out a way to automate the survey-research assembly line, driving down cost and increasing speed without necessarily sacrificing quality.”

“It is just as easy to picture a highly-skilled marketing scientist or brand expert coming up with a way to infuse these automated systems with question, analysis, and reporting modules that replicate work once done by hand.”

Terhanian stated that some leading companies were already automating these processes and that the technology to allow them to do this more efficiently was improving rapidly.

John Cheney, the chief executive of cloud customer relationship management firm, agreed that businesses could benefit from looking to process their marketing research.

Writing for, he listed lead tracking, lead assignment and lead communication amongst other elements which companies could consider automating.