A wealth of new employment opportunities could be generated by the rise of technologies such as automation and machine-to-machine (M2M), a leading futurist claims.

A study published in May by the Oxford Martin Programme suggested that almost 50 per cent of all American jobs could be impacted by computerisation in the next 20 years, with human redundancy a real possibility.

According to dailydigestnews.com, the report, titled the ‘Impacts of Future Technology’, predicted that more than two billion jobs could disappear within the next 15 years as new technologies are developed and automation proficiency increases.

However, Thomas Frey, an author and executive director of the Da Vinci Institute, believes that instead of worrying about computerisation and the effects of technology on their current roles, people should learn more about the new industries that will e merge as a result of the shift.

In an essay written for Futurist Magazine, Mr Frey cited a number of new markets in which he expects opportunities to arise. According to ieet.org, he used personal rapid transit systems, a market which already employs hundreds of millions of p eople and is worth trillions of dollars, as his main example.

The employment potential in this area is brought on largely by the development of auto-drive vehicles, with the skills of designers, architects and command centre operators all in high demand.

Author: Graeme Parton