Cortex are excited to be supporting our partner Capgemini at their upcoming Automation Hackathon event at Capgemini HQ in Utrecht. On September 22nd and 23rd Capgemini will be hosting hackathon teams competing to build innovative automation solutions on their Global Services Platform.  The Global Services Platform has Cortex’s Intelligent Automation at the heart its automation capabilities.

Teams comprising of Capgemini employees, clients and students will compete to build projects addressing one of three themes; Smart Buildings, Smart Store and Real Time Customer Insight.

The event kicks off Friday evening with opening BBQ and keynote speakers then launching into the 24-hour hack.  On hand to provide support will be Cortex experts, with a wealth of automation knowledge, there to advise and input to the development of projects.

The focused themes are designed to capture and develop innovative projects which build the future of automation.

Smart Buildings – Transforming the management of buildings through reduced energy use, reduced environmental impact and increased space optimisation through automated processes. From heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security, how can data can be captured and automated to revolutionise the way companies manage their physical environments?

Smart Stores – In the ever advancing world of e-commerce automation technology gives retailers the opportunity to align to, and enhance customer experiences. Can teams create automation which will assist retailers to predict next purchases, optimise sales and increase logistical efficiency?

Real Time Customer Insights – Automation of business processes which provide customers with real time availability combined with transparency in areas such as invoicing, billing or even resource consumption.  How can automation be applied to improve client and end user satisfaction?

Projects will be assessed based on Innovation, Relevance, Complexity and Quality criteria.  Teams will be striving to maximise the potential of intelligent automation and the Capgemini Global Services Platform.

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