A quarter of organisations will have a CDO by 2017, predicts industry leaders Gartner.

With digitalisation creating disruption in many industries, it is likely to create a greater need for CIOs and Chief Data Officers (CDOs), as firms attempt to capitalise on the digital opportunities of big data.

With new information management roles opening up, Gartner believes that CIOs and CDOs should take the lead in anticipating and capitalising on digital remastery, reports cbronline.com. Executive focus is essential to ensure outcomes are positive in an age where data is vital to business growth.

Despite many departments such as R&D and marketing rushing to exploit data-based digital opportunities, areas such as legal and HR are more concerned. Gartner argues that the CIO-led organisation must play a role in both enabling digital business and ensuring security and compliance, notes firstpost.com.

With additional responsibilities falling on the shoulders of the modern CIO, these IT leaders will be ever more critical to the effective management and control of data. It’s predicted by Gartner that the figure of 25 per cent by 2017 will increase to 50 per cent in heavily regulated industries such as banking and insurance.

While digital leadership is not a replacement for IT leadership, it is about business adapting to the digital context. Debra Logan, vice president and Gartner Fellow, says: “CIOs do not own the CDO’s responsibilities. CIOs and CDOs should have distinct and separate roles in the digital era, and they will need different skills and capabilities”.