IT bosses are more likely to make decisions based on safety instead of trying to be innovative, the results of a new survey suggest.

After questioning chief information officers (CIOs) across the country, analysts at YouGov found that 64 per cent believe ‘knowing when to play it safe’ is a key trait for IT professionals to have. Financial discipline is also a key concern, with more than half (53 per cent) saying budget management is a valuable skill.

In contrast, less than a third of those asked (28 per cent) put ‘not being afraid to take a risk’ at the top of the personality trait priority list. This is despite almost half – 46 per cent – agreeing that ‘being a visionary and always looking to innovate’ should be number one.

Above all, the most prominent trait among the respondents’ answers was the ability to ‘work efficiently and get the job done’, with 72 per cent of those asked citing this, reports.

Interestingly, the study found that budgetary restrictions on innovation often increase alongside the growth of a business, with smaller companies more likely to take risks.

The study also indicated that many CIOs are still trying to secure places on the boards of their companies and boost relationships with their wider teams – something Gartner seems to agree with, going by its latest report. According to, the research firm believes that CIOs need to start building better ties with chief marketing officers if they’re to maximise their chances of success.