IT bosses need to have more of a presence in their firms’ boardrooms to have a chance of influencing major budgeting decisions early on, researchers at Gartner have claimed.

The analyst group believes that chief information officers (CIOs) should consider IT as a “bi-modal” organisation, with two distinct sides. On one hand, enterprise-strength technology must be used to deliver reliable and efficient services, but an opportunistic approach should also be adopted to identify new revenue streams for the company that may otherwise have gone ignored.

To achieve both of these things, the CIO must ensure they’re involved during the early stages of all business strategy developments, with IT expenditure taking its share of the budget from day one, the experts claim.

Gartner’s research vice president, Cassio Dreyfuss, highlighted the need for businesses to put the spotlight on IT in general.

He was quoted by as saying: “IT has graduated from being a support tool to being a business enabling and a business creation tool. Under that much broader and inclusive perspective, it makes more sense to talk about IT-related expenditures in each and every business initiative and respective budget.

“In this way, the CIO is challenged to adopt a higher profile and actively engage in opportunities to influence IT decisions in business budgets.”

According to, Gartner went on to suggest that CIOs aim to cover a number of key IT topics in their investment meetings with other C-Level execs, including business process networks and operations infrastructure.

Author: Graeme Parton