Boards require a CIO that is innovative and creative, nearly two-thirds of IT decision-makers say.

In addition, the vast majority agree that the role of the CIO is changing, according to new research by BT and Vanson Bourne. Some 81 per cent of decision makers state that CIOs must now undertake a more central standing in the boardroom, and that their role expectations are becoming more business-related, reports

Luis Alvarez, chief executive at BT Global Services, said that CIOs need to show how technology within their business can improve, instead of just focusing on current processes and productivity.

“It’s not about knowing the technology and being ‘best in class’,” he stated. “It’s also about understanding the business and being able to take to board discussions and internal meetings a different perspective of the business by using technology.

“I’ve been a CIO, and it’s clear to me how the role is changing. The CIO of tomorrow’s successful digital business will have a more creative, imaginative and visionary mind-set.”

However, CIOs will need to change fast, as their power over IT budgets is fading fast. More than half (58 per cent) of decision makers are worried that the CIO role will soon become redundant. The majority (92 per cent) said cloud services are impacting their power base, whereas 89 per cent put the blame on departments buying their own IT, reports

Author: Laura Varley