Developments in cloud computing have meant today’s CEOs are now pushing their CIOs toward increasing levels of innovation.

Writing for, tech blogger Ben Rossi explained that CIOs would previously have had to be certain on ROI before even considering any new innovation projects. Now, resources are allocated much more freely and paradigm-shif ting technologies are coming to the fore at an alarming pace.

All this has meant that CEOs aren’t tasking their CIOs with finding cold, hard ROI before agreeing to any projects any more, but instead quite the opposite. Rossi claimed that most CEOs are now pushing their CIOs into increasingly innovative territ ories, with the trend not expected to slow down any time soon.

This expected continuation comes from the fact that space is being left for new, flexible technologies to be introduced in future, notes. CIOs are now designing their strategies with flexibility in mind, so that new solutions can be placed into the portfolio without issue later on down the line.

Rossi said: “During periods of introducing innovation, the main question CIOs should be asking themselves right now is: ‘What’s our strategy? What are the end results we want to achieve, for our employees, customers and partners?

“Objectives and goals for enterprise IT could be extremely far ranging, but this is irrespective of what people are doing on a daily basis”

Author: David Howells