Cortex, evolving the reach of Intelligent Automation training.

By June 5, 2017Kate Evans, News

Self-Paced real time Cortex training is now here.  Cortex is transforming the world of automation and putting powerful automation technology into the hands of business users and subject matter experts. This requires a whole new generation of automators … automators who work in the business, do not know code, but know the process, challenges, exceptions and how to manage them.

With so many diverse roles with varying skills in organisations getting to grips with Cortex, it can be a challenge to ensure control over standards and capabilities. Cortex has responded by producing a self-paced, learn at your own speed platform; with automated deployment and real-time live person help.

Whether you are looking for a Foundation Certification on the road to joining an expert deployment team in a Cortex partner, or an end user looking to support operational agility and capture small and incremental change, the Cortex Self-Paced Foundation Certificate is perfect gateway to the future of automation.

Cortex, with its simplicity of use, is naturally aligned to online training. Traditional automation platforms are embedded with scripts and code which create fragile, inflexible and short lived solutions requiring a team of highly skilled experts in code to maintain. However even delegates with no previous experience of developing automation can be provided a simple intuitive environment to rapidly acquire the skills to deploy automation in Cortex. Delegates are also provided access to an online ‘sandbox’ environment to practice and refine their skills prior to undertaking the online certification test.

Access to the online training underpins the Cortex ethos of improving agility and efficiencies in businesses. The new initiative provides partners with a unique, timely, cost effective way of developing skills critical to driving transformation.

To find out more about the training register your interest HERE and one of the team will be in touch.