TechMarketView, in association with MXCCapital, has recognised Cortex as a Little British Battler in the 8th round of the awards.

Cortex was recognised for the award because they are breaking new ground in one of the emerging areas of business process services – Intelligent Automation.

The platform is now being taken to market and already used by big name brands like BT, Vodafone, Thomson Reuters and outsourcing partner Capgemini.

Cortex’s aim is to both lower the cost of delivery and improve the customer experience in IT and process operations through the use of ‘smart autonomous operations’ – in much the same way as flying a plane today on autopilot. The pilot only needs to take control at certain times, such as take-off, landing and at the point of escalation.

Orchestration platforms have real advantages in managing workloads, people resources and in accelerating deployment of new applications and services. We think there are also real opportunities for Cortex alongside robotic process automation (RPA), which can further automate rules-based activities. This makes the applications quite varied, from automating HR requests within an outsourced call centre, to customer order automation, to helping redeploy technicians within self-healing and self-managing networks.

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