Innovise IES, the creator of the Cortex Intelligent Orchestration technology, is very pleased to have been profiled as a vendor in the latest Gartner Hype Cycle for I&O Automation.[1]

This IT automation-focused report, the first of its kind, reviews the complex variety of evolving automation technologies and initiatives, from simple process automation through to smart and intelligent leading edge tools such as Cortex. Along with their relative maturity, this report helps buyers identify the most appropriate technologies whilst acting as a valuable guide for proven technologies.

“This report is a reference resource for organisations attempting to gain competitive advantage by deploying the next generation of automation and orchestration tools. It validates our message that ITPA tools have a significant effect on cost, growth and agility for I&O leaders, and that IT Service Orchestration tools have a transformational effect.” commented Jonathan Hobday, Commercial Director for Innovise.

According to Gartner, most organizations will require multiple solutions to address the array of IT automation needs. Jonathan continues “Current technology that assist the individual operator with automation results in multiple fragmented island of automation. Despite initial improvements these automation technologies eventually increase cost, and reduce quality, as they diverge from business requirements and maintain the bottleneck of the human operator. Cortex orchestrates the monitoring, evaluation, decisions and actions of operational staff across business and operational systems. Deploying Cortex Intelligent Orchestration, organisations can achieve agile autonomous operations. This is the future of automation: Intelligent Orchestration”

Read the full Gartner report:

[1] Gartner “Hype Cycle for I&O Automation” by Robert Naegle, July 2015.