We’re pleased to confirm we have partnered with The Robotic Workforce, as a solutions provider, to make Intelligent Automation technology available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), boosting productivity by up to 90 per cent.

The strategic partnership combines The Robotic Workforce’s expertise and experience in the SME market with Cortex’s highly intelligent automation technology, enabling small and mid-sized businesses to reap the rewards of workplace efficiencies through automation, typically the domain of larger businesses and enterprises.

Working together, Cortex and The Robotic Workforce will enable SMEs to automate business processes such as back-office functions in HR, IT and finance, freeing-up employees to focus on more meaningful tasks that require a human touch and add greater value to the business.

By automating time-consuming or repetitive tasks, businesses are able to standardise processes and improve productivity; Intelligent automation technology can also improve accuracy, eliminating the opportunity for human error, increasing the quality of services.

The Robotic Workforce provides a full consultancy and a clear automation roadmap to SMEs. This comprehensive assessment of current business processes enables SMEs to benefit from a bespoke solution based on Cortex’ technology, which is designed, implemented and maintained to deliver the most effective results.

Paul Robinett, Chief Executive Officer at The Robotic Workforce, comments, “We’ve been working with SMEs for the last two years, supporting their digital transformation journeys and allowing them to free up resources and concentrate on strategic issues. To date, automation has typically been limited to larger businesses and enterprises but we believe that all organisations, regardless of size and sector, stand to benefit greatly.

We were attracted to Cortex because the technology that underpins how processes and tasks are automated is so fundamentally different to other solutions on the market – it’s really intelligent and truly understands business logic. Cortex’s technology enables us to explore the art of the possible; as long as you can describe what it is you do, you can ascribe rules and set up processes.

This partnership broadens our offering and we look forward to working with Cortex to help SMEs exploit the benefits of intelligent automation, driving efficiency and productivity gains.”

Jonathan Hobday, Director at Cortex, comments, “Automation is becoming a key component how organisations tackle the challenges of driving efficiency, boosting productivity, saving money and improving service delivery in businesses today. The ability to automate processes, particularly with intelligent automation, provides companies of all sizes and markets with a clear competitive advantage.”

The Robotic Workforce enables us to really tap into the growing SME market. The expert consultancy and guidance given by The Robotic Workforce, paired with our proprietary software, makes this a powerful partnership which reinforces the value and potential of the technology.”

Cortex and The Robotic Workforce are actively working on two proof of concepts situated in the UK and Western Europe. The partnership looks to deliver benefits to both current and future clients.

About The Robotic Workforce
The Robotic Workforce specialises in working with businesses to automate processes, eliminate costs and enhance productivity and efficiency through the adoption of Intelligent Automation and associated technologies. Our team of experts scope, implement and develop your Robotic Workforce whilst also providing on-going support and maintenance at every stage.  We are here to guide you on your journey into the exciting world of Intelligent Automation. www.theroboticworkforce.com