GoTech World 2020 – WATCH ON DEMAND


GoTech World 2020, is an event that aims to ‘support the business ecosystem to adopt digitisation in all industries’ and will look at the need to face a new reality in this challenging time for businesses. This year due to the Covid19 pandemic the event is solely online and will include:

  • Main Stage – will focus on the hot topics of 2020 and lessons taken from this year of change.
  • Business Transformation Stage – which is dedicated to new business solutions
  • Cybersecurity Stage – latest technologies and perspectives on cybersecurity
  • IT OPS Stage – dedicated to Intelligent, Automation, AI and Cloud technology innovation
  • Digital Marketing Stage – focussed on digital marketing
  • Retail & E-commerce Stage – to feature technologies, case studies and lessons for upgrading skills and customer experience
  • DevOps Stage – aiming to improve coding skills and including latest trends and good practices
  • Java Stage – to include deep learning and new innovative technology

IT OPs Stage

Orange Romania, Realworld Systems, and Cortex will be hosting the session Adoption of Intelligent Automation – Strategies & methodologies to successfully transform the future of work, as part of the IT Ops Stage. The session will cover Cortex strategies and methodologies for successful automation projects to transform the way you work.

The speakers include Jonathan Hobday, Commercial Director at Cortex, Marian Merișescu, Lead Automation Architect at Orange Romania and Bogdan Hebean who is the Business Development Lead at Realworld Systems.


Cortex’s Strategies and Methodologies

Here are the three key principles of Cortex’s Strategies and Methodologies:

  • Correctly preparing the organisation for an automation transformation
  • Transforming the business at the same time as delivering the automation functionality
  • Delivering automation continuously in a reactive and agile manner.

Learn more about Cortex’s Strategies and Methodologies here.