From time to time¬†developers can escape from their “basement” and try to socialize a little bit with others. Conferences in the IT world are very common in big Polish cities, every day we can attend interesting workshops, conferences and meetups. This time we decided to go to Warsaw to DotNetos – .NET performance conference.

Together with around 100 participants, we wanted to deepen our knowledge about the .NET world, by watching presentations and exchanging knowledge. The whole event was in English. The main topic was: how to speed up our work, code and save resources.  We had many presentations, from very specific debugger configurations to understanding what our real task is that should be implemented, and how to avoid popular mistakes. Some presentations were very detailed with example code, others treated topics more wide and open. Everybody could find something interesting.

Each presentation took around 45 minutes, we were able to ask questions, discuss some topics directly with lecturers and together with a small team, talk about our spots. We met people really engaged in keeping great performance on each aspect of software development. The .NET scene in Poland is pretty big – we have around 50 Polish MVP’s (Most Valuable Professionals), who are taking part in such conferences, and know every detail from the .NET IT world. Thanks to that, we as the developers can improve, and learn from the best.

Nonetheless, we were able to improve our soft skills and spent some time as a team. These experiences for sure will help us mitigate problems regarding performance and boost up team relations. I can really recommend going to conferences as much as possible, and network with other people.


Blog article by: Rafal Stepien