Female CIOs feel more positive about analytics and IT budgets, but more negative than their male counterparts about risk, a new report from Gartner reveals.

Almost a third (32 per cent) of women CIOs feel positive about predictive analytics compared to just 22 per cent of men in the role. The same can be said of social and multimedia information, with 19 per cent of females and three per cent of males positive about it, reports networkasia.net.

Significantly more women than men believe that IT budgets will increase too (2.4 per cent versus 0.8 per cent). Female CIOs are also more likely to adapt the metrics used to analyse value and performance to their reporting structure than their male counterparts.

Furthermore, women are more aware of potential risks. More than three quarters (76 per cent) of female CIOs believe that risk approaches are not keeping up with rising digital risks, whereas only 67 per cent of male CIOs said the same.

The report stated that building a diverse digital leadership team could really benefit businesses.

“While there are more similarities than differences in the responses of men and women, there are also a number of notable differences indicating that female CIOs show more adaptability in their leadership roles that their male counterparts,” said the report. “Organisations planning to take full advantage of digital must address leadership related to: information and technology, value, and people and culture.”

Women make up just 13.7 per cent of all the survey’s respondents – a figure that has not changed in 11 years, reports cio.com.au.