“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” – J. P. Morgan

The methodology of Digital Evolution is defined in this famous quote. Automating service operations can be seen as a high-risk, high-cost project that many businesses are still not yet prepared for. Within industries there is a frustration, with research conducted by Forrester showing that as many as 74% of Digital Transformation projects fail. Which is why the ‘journey’ approach of Digital Evolution is emerging as a preferred solution for many organisations. Find out why, here:

Adapting Your Automation Journey

Whilst Digital Transformation is a one-off project, Digital Evolution allows for an agile approach on your automation journey. As your business experiences, the impact of Intelligent Automation and adapts accordingly, there may be unplanned considerations that arise. This could be anything from system integrations and or individual process limitations, to unlocked opportunities which can be prioritised and capitalised on. Most importantly Digital Evolution is not technology-led, it is the strategies and methodologies which drive the initiative which then combines with the technology.

It’s difficult to design a complete blueprint for the future at the very start of your project without knowing what may arise from the process. As a robust solution, Digital Transformation doesn’t allow your business to change its plans for key outcomes. Digital Evolution, however, allows for a key feature – flexibility. Undertaking an evolution approach allows you to build each piece of the roadmap step-by-step, considering your findings and the impact on digital operations at each stage.

Build Confidence with Agile Gains

Unlike Digital Transformation’s enveloping blanket of activity, Digital Evolution focuses on optimising smaller, streamlined areas of business – bringing a strategic transformation across targeted digital operations. This prevents the problems that can come with a full transformation, whilst still progressing forwards with your goals of overall business automation.

Digital Evolution allows you to avoid the pitfalls of lengthy project time scales and ever escalating costs ensuring you can see a quicker return and outcomes, alongside building confidence in the strategy and methods which are delivering this success.

The Benefits of Digital Evolution Technology

A digital evolution approach has multiple benefits over its predecessor. These operating advantages for your business include:

  • Mitigate the risks to your business
  • Reduce the upfront investment cost of new technology
  • Manage resources more efficiently
  • Analyse the impact on performance at a highly granular level
  • Get key stakeholder sign-off with ease

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