We often hear about revolutions in technology enabling organisations to simplify their operations.

Whilst this may be true from the purist sense, that if an organisation were to wholesale switch from the legacy operations to the whole new way of operating overnight then operations may be simpler. However, the reality is that unless you are a brand new organisation with the benefit of starting from a green field like Reliance Jio, it is unlikely you will be able to take advantage of the simpler way of operating.

Challenges With Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation of your operations can bring unique obstacles to success. If you decide to switch to the new way of operating, there will be a period of greater complexity as you manage the legacy environment and the new environment in parallel. This is situation we see for Three uk who are looking to migrate to an entirely IP network. Then there is the Amazon problem; When you start in a “greenfield” in a mature industry as Amazon initially did, you have the benefit of creating homogeneous simple operations. Inevitably, as time passes, technology advances, markets change, innovation happens and complexity creeps into the operations as the business matures, even though each new addition may simplify the local operation, it adds to the overall complexity.

Thus we hear the eternal cry from operations leaders… “Simplify my operations”, and the vendors counter with their products that “Simplify operations” but despite the best intentions the truth is the contexts of this demand and response are very different.

The wake-up call should be that an organisations operations will always increase in complexity. The solution is to create systems that can simplify the management of those ever more complex systems, with the agility to rapidly adopt innovations and changes. In this way the management of operations remains coherent and homogenous whilst the actual environment can be fragmented, or in transition.

These are principles on which Cortex has evolved. To enable organisations to incrementally automate operations and provide a homogenous management layer to underlying fragmented, legacy and leading edge innovation in the same way.

Gain Confidence With a Digital Evolution Strategy

Whilst digital transformation projects can be complex, there is an answer: Digital Evolution. Using an incremental strategic approach, businesses can apply digital transformation in key areas of their business step-by-step, minimising risk and ensure a simplified implementation of new technology.

Achieve Operational Simplicity With Intelligent Automation

From a practical perspective, we often have a rye smile when operations teams new to Cortex ask about how we manage the latest technology, or how a demonstration of capability in a fixed line environment works in mobile. In reality, it is the same. This is the entire concept of Cortex – abstract the complexity of the underpinning services, networks and elements and hand off the complexities to the machines, so operations just deal with demand and exceptions.

Now that is business simplicity.