Dragons’ Den’s investor Piers Linney wants more leadership from Chief Information Officers, arguing that now is the time for changes to be made to the role CIOs play within their companies. 

From an intelligent automation perspective, what this means is that CIOs can be expected to play a larger role in the digital evolution of their businesses, by applying their unique perspective and expertise to lead their people forward.

How CIOs Can Step Up to Lead Businesses Forward

With ITOPs and AIOPs becoming more crucial to businesses by the day, it is only a matter of time before CIOs become tomorrow’s CEOs, according to Linney.

Co-CEO of UK-based cloud service provider Outsourcery and a member of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den panel, Linney says CIOs are becoming business leaders in their own rights and should no longer think of themselves as purely a “support function”, reports microscope.co.uk.

Linney claims that IT departments were previously charged with simply “keeping the lights on” and often earned a bad reputation for not understanding wider business issues – but this is no longer the case.

Now, the IT department is being consulted on business-critical issues. Linney explains that, through the intelligent use of IT budgets, CIOs can seize the opportunity to introduce innovative IT resources – often supplied by new partners – that have the potential to achieve greater business productivity and security, all the while decreasing resource expenditure.

Looking Ahead – What CIOs Can Do to Power Business Success

Linney advises it is only a matter of time before the CIO has taken the lead in business, notes channelweb.co.uk

He also says: “Considering the critical importance of IT and communications services to the running of an organisation today, more CIOs should take the responsibility of regularly communicating with their senior management team in order to identify how ICT can evolve with the direction of the company”.

Initiate Digital Evolution with Intelligent Automation for ITOPs

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